Sessions start from

£25 per person / 2 hours.

£45 per person / 4 hours.

So, you have had a taste of SUP and you are looking for a few more sessions before you take the plunge and invest in your own kit?

SUP Stratford boards are available to rent. Explore the quiet section of the River Avon on your own terms. This is a relatively safe and controlled environment to build your confidence and skills. Whether you are looking for the solitude of a solo session to unwind or a day out with your friends, we can help make it happen.


Paddle board rentals are open to anyone who has had an introductory session with SUP Stratford or previous SUP experience.

To help ensure your safety, we will provide a safety brief, kit and river orientation. Each session is 2 hours and can be extended if you wish. We recommend rentals to anyone who is looking to improve their skills, build speed or just to enjoy the scenic river.

The fee includes the lease of the following equipment: Paddleboard, paddle, leash, life vest, helmet (if applicable), river information packet and dry bag.

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