Sessions start from

£20 per person / 2 hours.

£40 per person / 4 hours.

Still deciding whether to get your own board? Renting a paddle board in Stratford is a great way to decide. Explore the River Avon – this quiet section of the river is a pleasure to paddle and is a safe environment to build your skills and confidence. You can go for a solo adventure to unwind or extend the invite and make it a team effort!


If you’ve been for an introductory lesson and tour with SUP Stratford, or have paddling experience elsewhere we are happy to rent you one of our boards. We provide the same level of safety brief, kit orientation and river information as we do for our guided tours – only this time the session is in your hands. Sessions start from 2 hours, but you can extend the hire if you wish! Spend time building speed, mastering your step back turn or simply meander up the river taking in the scenery. We provide; The Board, Paddle, Leash, Buoyancy Aid, Helmet (if applicable), Dry Bag and a pack of info to take with you including a map of the river and some key contact numbers. 

Red Boards